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Think Logistics Launches Canada’s First Robotic Fulfillment Based 3PL

VAUGHAN, ON, October 17, 2012 – Think Logistics, a provider of tailored retail, direct to customer and commercial supply chain solutions for organizations serving the Canadian market, is revolutionizing supply chain logistics with the opening of Canada’s first Kiva Systems powered third-party logistics’ (3PL) facility. Think Logistics’ new operation is ideally suited to rapidly and accurately fulfilling high volumes of product while being able to simultaneously support a wide range of products. Kiva’s built-in GOH (Garment on Hanger) and flat pack capability make it ideally suited for apparel and its flexible storage system supports product ranging from small parts to large consumer products.

“We founded this company based on our belief that the supply chain needs radical innovation to improve the delivery experience of goods to clients and their customers. Think Logistics’ advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Robotic Fulfillment System represents a major breakthrough in fulfillment timeliness, efficiency and security”, said Robert Hashimoto, President.

The Kiva robotic fulfillment system at the 124,000 sq. ft. facility dynamically selects prioritizes and picks product housed within a highly-secured environment. Selection decisions are based on pre-defined criteria, such as product velocity and order priority. Think Logistics has currently deployed hundreds of mobile shelf units known as “Inventory Pods” and a fleet of Kiva robots which travel within a secured area of the warehouse, seeking out and delivering movable shelving units to the pick station.

“Canada’s online and omni-channel retail market is growing exponentially. Canadian consumers are demanding faster order fulfillment and world-class order accuracy. Delivering both, while driving operational efficiency, requires rethinking the whole fulfillment process. We truly believe that the right combination of human and robotic intelligence is the way of the future for our industry” said Stuart Pearson, Vice President, Contract Logistics.

“From the perspective of our clients and as a logistics service provider, Kiva provides numerous benefits beyond the obvious speed, accuracy and efficiency of a robotic fulfillment system. Kiva is great in that the platform is extremely flexible. Unlike traditional automation systems we are able to scale our automation on an as needed basis. From a retailers’ perspective this means we can deliver the benefits of an unrivaled automation system right out of the gate while controlling fixed costs for our customers” said Adam Zanatta, Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions.

“For years the supply chain sector has struggled to keep up with the evolving demands of online and omni- channel retailers and their customers. A brute-force approach and a lack of true flexibility has been the status-quo approach for far too long. Think Logistics is a game changing solution for organizations looking to serve the Canadian Market. From speed and efficiency to how we define success (we seek to be measured by our clients’ own success factors), we truly believe that the intelligence, accuracy and speed of our solutions are second to none and will be critical to solving key issues facing our customers today” said Stuart Pearson, Vice President, Contract Logistics.

About Think Logistics Inc.

Think Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider for businesses serving the North American market. An innovator in our field, Think Logistics is the only Canadian logistics service provider utilizing state-of-the- art robotic automation from Kiva Systems.

This breakthrough in automation is fully integrated to our real-time warehouse management system which enables accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment within a highly secure operating environment. Our tailored, engineered solutions, flexible infrastructure and our proven experience set enables our clients to deliver on their brand promise with every order shipped.

Our transparent, information rich approach and scalable infrastructure is ideally suited to organizations with high transactional volumes. With full Kiva support for wide range of product from apparel and garment-on- hanger to general merchandise, electronics, spare parts or promotional material, lead your market… Think Logistics!

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