+ E-Commerce & Direct to Consumer

As demand for ecommerce logistics increases, efficient, accurate and rapid fulfillment is critical to the success of your business. Whether you are an ecommerce retailer with a Canadian or North American reach, or a direct marketing firm managing high-volume, consumer promotions, our unrivaled robotic fulfillment system can quickly & efficiently deliver on your brand promise

E-Commerce & Direct to Consumer

+ Fashion & Apparel

From mixed style-size and colour combinations to poly-bag and garment-on-hanger handling, the fashion and apparel industry has unique logistics requirements. As often as fashions and seasons change, our Kiva Systems warehouse reconfigures itself to meet the demands of your customers while delivering scalability, speed and cost efficiency.

Fashion & Apparel

+ Retail & CPG

Speed, visibility and cost efficiency is everything in the world of retail. With extensive EDI & XML systems integration options & full support for all leading retail routing guides, Think Logistics understands retail!  Add in our Kiva robotic fulfillment system and we become a one stop shop for all of your direct to store, distribution center or direct to consumer logistics needs.

Retail & CPG

+ Health & Wellness

Today’s Heath & Wellness industry is experiencing both significant growth and increased pressure to hit key retail price points.  The requirements for world-class inventory accuracy and stringent inventory controls can’t be compromised yet manufactures and retailers require best in class operational efficiency in order to protect margins and hit price point targets.  Think Logistics’ Kiva Systems based robotic fulfillment system is the answer.  With the high level of physical security offered by our robotic pick system and our stringent inventory control practices Think Logistics is the ideal distribution solution for the Heath & Wellness industry.

Health & Wellness

+ High Tech

The world of technology, peripherals & accessories is fast paced and constantly changing.  Leveraging our robust warehouse management system & extensive experience in IT & high tech logistics we offer full product life cycle logistics programs to manufacturers, distributors & retailers serving the high tech marketplace.

High Tech

+ Industrial & Commercial

We bring supply-chain best practices from a wide range of industry verticals and combine them with our leading edge robotic automation capability to deliver next level performance and efficiency to your commercial and industrial supply chain.   With real-time inventory, transactional visibility and the ability to manage non-barcoded inventory with speed and accuracy through our Kiva robotic fulfillment system, we can help reduce the cost of your supply chain while increasing its performance.

Industrial & Commercial
North America

We help U.S and foreign organizations serve Canadian customers better.

Canada represents a great expansion opportunity for U.S. and foreign organizations seeking to serve a progressive and modern consumer base. Operating a cross-border, direct to consumer or retail logistics model often results in huge delays and even bigger headaches for you and your customers. What’s worse is that such orders often have limited visibility in transit and significant brokerage and transportation cost considerations. Add in applicable duty, cross-border returns

management hassles and it’s no wonder that Canadian consumers prefer to shop with retailers who can deliver orders on a next-day basis.

We can help you grow your business in Canada while minimizing inventory and traditional fixed warehousing costs.

Contact us today to find out how you can start making Canadian customers happy.